Thursday, October 16, 2008

So here we are (minus the little girl) in our little home, just cooking and baking and cleaning and, well, just being! We enjoy being in our home learning and playing. The boys spend most the day happily going about their regular duties (destroying the cleanliness of the toy room, and eating all the food in the house. They love imagining, inventing, and of course reading. We love being in our home, and we try to stay away from the busy lifestyle that would keep us from doing our favorite things. When Papa gets home it's wrestle mania! The boys love to roll about like dogs in the snow, wrestling and well just being boys. I gladly sit back and watch because I don't want those little knees in my face please! :)
Our little Porter, who is actually turning four years old in January, is not so little anymore. He has always had such a unique personality and everyone that meets him loves him and is amused at his funny little ways and words. I love him sooooo much and of course so does his Papa! Porter just finished playing Itty Bitty Football, which was of course a thrilling endeavour :) He is going to be a great athlete I think, he understands the games or sports he's playing very well and he always does just what he's supposed to....and that's a lot to say for a three year old! Porter has always been very advanced in most things (he! he! hey,mother's have bragging rights about their own children :) He's such a cutie boy, and I love him soooooo much.

Some cute little things Porter has said recently:

Porter: "Mom why do mother's always call there children names?"
Mama: "What do you mean?"

Porter: " You know, moms are always calling their children "Sweetie."

Porter had just been to the movies with his Papa, and he hadn't eaten his dinner yet, but he obviously thought that the popcorn he ate at the theatre was his dinner because when he got home he said: "Mom, because I ate all my popcorn at the movies, can I know have a cookie!"

I thought that was so cute. He is always saying the funniest things, as most children do, but mixed into the funny things, he says the most intellectual things at times....makes me so proud! :) Here's a look at our little Porter!

THEN ...and now

If I learn my ABCs, can read 600 words per minute, and can write with perfect penmanship, but have not been shown how to communicate with the Designer of all language .... I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED.
If I can deliver an eloquent speech and persuade you with my stunning logic, but have not been instructed in God's wisdom.... I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED.
If I read Shakespeare and John Locke and can discuss their writings with keen insight, but have not read the greatest of all books -- the Bible -- and have no knowledge of its personal importance... I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED.
If I have memorized addition facts, multiplication tables, and chemical formulas, but have never been disciplined to hide God's Word in my heart .... I HAVE NOT BEEN EDUCATED.

However, if one day I see the world as God sees it, and come to know Him, Whom to know is life eternal, and glorify God by fulfilling His purpose for me, THEN I HAVE BEEN EDUCATED!

And now for our Eli.

There is so much to say about our cutie chubby Eli...he is such a delight, and Porter loves his brother very much. These two are quite the pair, most days, and most times, they have a great love for one another...however there are those moments when all is NOT well!

Eli just turned two years old, and he is talking very well in full sentences. Eli has a great love of reading, he always wants mama to read him his books. We visit the library every week, and bring home lots and lots of new books to read and explore. I love that my boys love to read. We get all kinds of books, and I'm always surprised at the books they really take a liking too. I usually get a few books in the mix that I think I'll just try them out to see if the boys like them, and usually those are the favorites. Sometimes kids just need something a little different then they are used to, to spark new connections. I hope Eli's love for books, never dies. Eli loves to visit the dinosaur museum, and actually we have spend most of our summer there. We love to visit the fish aquarium, the children's gardens and of course we love to visit our Marmee and Poppy's house (my mom and dad.)

Eli really like to play with his Lego's and of course trains (don't all boys love those two things?) Eli loves to eat (as does Porter) and they are both very good eaters to eat all the things I make for them, and rarely do they complain. I really find it hard to believe that my boys are growing up so fast. We are hoping for another baby soon, Porter wants a baby sister, but we will love a sister or another brother. My inner psych tells me though another brother is awaiting us.

Our little home is doing great for now. Rich is busy with work, and I am busy raising two boys. I am happy to be a mother and happy to see my children growing and learning good things.